by: bartmiller
June 14, 2013

I created Cycling Strong as a virtual “hang out” for cyclists! I am crazy passionate about cycling and wanted to build a community where everyone could be friends, start groups, and share photos and encouragement with each other.

I strongly believe in mentors and in helping each other succeed as much as possible!

Cycling Strong doesn’t cater to either mountain bikers or road cyclists… or any other kind of cyclist (tri?) out there! It is just plain cycling. If you love to cycle, I would love to have you join the site!

As for me, I cycle day in and day out, but I’m no pro and don’t claim to be one. Just someone who loves to pick a challenge (one per year) and train hard for it. I’ll share with you what I find along the way in terms of what I learn on my rides, who I ride with and what advice they give me, as well as some gear reviews to help you save time and money.

I also love to blog and create videos… so… would love to have you check in with me here, on Facebook, and/or YouTube and comment on anything you have enjoyed seeing or reading about!

Cheers and here’s to cycling!
Bart Miller (aka the GoatMan)


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