BKOOL Trainer and Simulator

by: Ethan Nash
October 10, 2016

Hey Guys! Had a blast at the 2016 Interbike Expo in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago. Got to talk with Craig from BKOOl who told us about the BKOOL Pro and BKOOL Go trainer/Simulators. A great way to improve your indoor cycling training. Cycle on!!  

Connex by Wippermann Chain – Interbike 2016

by: bartmiller
October 8, 2016

Look at this super cool company called Connex by Wippermann! I had tons of fun at Interbike this year and this is one of the companies that stood out to me. Make sure you guys follow the blog and keep Cycling Strong! You can find these chains here: http://www.connexchain.com/en/bike-chain.html

How To Change a Tire

by: bartmiller
July 30, 2016

A lot of guys getting into cycling don’t know how to change a bike tire. Because I needed to change mine, I decided to do a quick video on it! Make sure you subscribe and keep out there Cycling Strong!

How To Stay Cool During a Bike Race

by: bartmiller
July 21, 2016

Hey guys here is a really cool way I stay cool during my big bike races. It is very effective and can really make a difference out in the hot sun. Hope this video helps you and make sure you get out there and keep Cycling Strong!

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