Race Anxiety?

by: bartmiller
July 18, 2016

Hey guys! I want to address race anxiety. What kind of race anxiety do you get and how does it affect you? Comment below and I will address these different concerns and some ways to help! Most importantly get out there and keep Cycling Strong!


by: bartmiller
July 13, 2016

Here is the video guys! Sign up for the blog, buy a speaker, and comment “done” on this video and you will be entered to win a sweet hat just like the one I am wearing in the video! Thanks so much for all the support and make sure you get out there and keep […]

Fat Bike With the Wehoo

by: bartmiller
July 11, 2016

I have a fun little setup so I can take my little guy Xander on bike rides with me. Check out this video to find out more and keep Cycling Strong!

Pre-ride Hydration

by: bartmiller
July 8, 2016

Hey everyone! A very important part of cycling is hydration. This isn’t just important during a ride, but throughout the day. Check out this video and keep Cycling Strong!

Pioneer Power Meter

by: bartmiller
July 6, 2016

Hey guys Pioneer has some really cool stuff coming out that I can’t wait to try! Stay tuned and keep Cycling Strong!

Cycling Strong Nutrition

by: bartmiller
July 5, 2016

Lots of people have been asking me what I do for nutrition on a ride lately! So here it is! I hope this helps you guys out and make sure you keep Cycling Strong.

Consistent Pace in a Pace Line

one comment
by: bartmiller
July 1, 2016

Hey guys here is a thing I see in pace lines on a group ride that I think some people don’t realize they do. Hopefully this video helps people fix this mistake and keep Cycling Strong!

Cycling Strong California Group Ride

by: bartmiller
June 28, 2016

A final update on my riding down here in California! Make sure you subscribe on youtube and like Cycling Strong’s social media pages! Most importantly get out there and keep Cycling Strong

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