Mio Heart Rate Watch

by: bartmiller
June 18, 2016

Hey everyone! I’m trying out a brand new watch and wanted to show you guys a quick intro of it and update you as I test it out. Make sure you are getting out there and Cycling Strong!

How To Pack a Bike For a Flight

by: bartmiller
June 13, 2016

I get asked all the time how I pack my bike to fly it around because obviously your bike getting scratched or ruined in some way is a big concern. This video is a whole tutorial on how I pack my bike so it is flight ready. I hope this video helps some people out […]

How To Put On a Compression Sock

by: bartmiller
June 8, 2016

I know I did a similar video to this one but I wanted to make a better version on how to put on a compression sock! I know this has helped a lot of people and I hope it helps you! Keep out there Cycling Strong You can find the sock I used here: https://www.vitalsox.com/

Vitalsox Recovery

by: bartmiller
June 7, 2016

Hey guys! I wanted to show this super cool long sock I have that I think everyone should have! If you want to buy some vitalsox check them out here: https://www.vitalsox.com/ most importantly get out there Cycling Strong!

Sleep Recovery

by: bartmiller
June 4, 2016

Right now I am trying a bunch of different things to help get me recovered ASAP because that’s one of the most important aspects of cycling. I decided to try out one of these super cool pillows to see if it would make a difference! If you do something unique for your recovery comment below […]

How To Recover After Cycling

by: bartmiller
June 2, 2016

Hey guys! I don’t see a lot of videos on this and it’s one of the most important things as a cyclist to understand, how to recover! Here are some different things that I do and if you have something cool to share that you do comment below. Most importantly keep Cycling Strong!

Beet Juice Conclusion

one comment
by: bartmiller
May 25, 2016

A conclusion to all of my beet juice testing! Enjoy this video and please comment below if you have anything cool to share! Remember to get out there and keep Cycling Strong!

Buy a Cycling Strong Kit

by: bartmiller
May 21, 2016

Get your Cycling Strong kit now before it’s too late!! You won’t regret it these are the best kits I have ever had. Thanks for supporting the channel and keep Cycling Strong!

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