Cycling Kits and Layering

by: bartmiller
May 17, 2016

Hey everyone, just a quick update on the riding down here in California and some of the awesome kits we are using. Thanks so much for watching and if you have any questions please comment below. Remember to get out there and keep Cycling Strong!

Coolest Cycling T-Shirt?

by: bartmiller
May 16, 2016

Hey guys! This could turn out to be something super cool if you all are interested. Please watch this video, comment your favorite cycling shirt, and get out there Cycling Strong.

Cycling Strong in LA

by: bartmiller
May 14, 2016

Having a blast down in LA! Check out this video and get one of my new kits! Most importantly get out there and keep Cycling Strong.

Cycling in a Pace Line

by: bartmiller
May 3, 2016

Here are some things I have been noticing that have been going on lately in the pace line and I believe they are things that everyone should work on. Check it out and keep Cycling Strong!

Top 10 Common Cycling Mistakes

by: bartmiller
April 19, 2016

Hey guys! Here are the top 10 common mistakes I see from cyclists especially as they are first being introduced to the sport! I hope this helps you if you are just starting or if you catch yourself making some common mistakes! Remember to get out there and keep Cycling Strong!

Indoor Cycling vs. Outdoor Cycling

by: bartmiller
April 13, 2016

A quick video on the difference between riding outside vs inside along with advantages and disadvantages of both! If you have any questions please comment below and remember to keep Cycling Strong!

Beetjuice Update

by: bartmiller
April 5, 2016

I did a video a while back on Beetjuice and how I was going to start trying it. Here is an update and a little bit of questions I was wondering from people commenting on my last video. Thanks for watching and keep Cycling Strong!

Nutrition in Vegas

by: bartmiller
April 3, 2016

Hey guys! Check out how I was doing my nutrition while I was down riding in Vegas. If you have any questions please comment below and most importantly keep Cycling Strong!

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