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8 Ways to Lose Weight on the Bike

April 30, 2019

We all want to stay trim on the bike right? That is definitely one reason why I love to ride. But we all can’t stay fit by just exercising, we have to eat right too! A LOT of cyclists make the mistake of over eating because they think they have done so much exercise while in reality – that just backfires and counteracts the exercise!

In order to lose weight while cycling, you have to have a combination of healthy eating and exercise. Here are 8 tips to losing weight through exercise on the bike AND eating right!!

Eat Breakfast Before You Get on the Bike

Have you ever heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well, it’s true! Getting a big healthy breakfast in the morning kicks your metabolism into gear and gives you the fuel you need to ride. Feeding your body in the morning is so important because if you don’t, your body will hold onto what it has to save it for a later date.

Don’t Overdress to Sweat More

Some cyclists overdress to keep warm, which makes them sweat more. Losing weight by dehydration is not good! In mild temperatures, don’t overdress and keep the body hydrated.

Go Light on the Gluten

We all know processed foods are not the greatest for our bodies. Limiting the amount of gluten you intake will naturally decrease the amount of processed foods you eat. And while you cycle, it will make you feel less bloated.

Do Not Take Diet Supplements

A dietary supplement will not help you lose weight in the long run. Essential fats and minerals are flushed out of your body while ridding some of the harmful stuff. This does not help your performance!

Eat More Lean Protein and More Vegetables

Veggies and lean meat should be the staple of your lifestyle. If you gain most of your vitamins and nutrient from food, the absorption rate is better. And if your body feels good, you will ride better! Go figure huh?

Eat Often on the Bike

Eating on the bike has proven to improve performance. I know it can be hard to get used to the task, but it’s worth it! Eating on the bike can even help over eating after a ride.

Limit Your Portions

It is a mistake to go without food you enjoy just because they aren’t good for you. Going without your favorite foods will only make you crave them worse! Instead of limiting your body to the occasional treat, limit your portions instead. Remember, everything in moderation.

Save What’s Hard for Last

According to Active Cyclist, “Studies have shown that post-exercise oxygen consumption can trigger the burning of fat stores.” Kick your body into overdrive and push yourself right before you finish. This will keep your body consuming oxygen even after you have finished riding – and fat will continue to burn!!

Hope this helps you as you try to lose weight on the bike!

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