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Days 15-18! What?? It’s Coming Too Fast!!!

April 26, 2019

All right! Wow! Let a few days slip by without blogging, but there is a whole lot going on! Here’s what I’ve been working on, stressing about, and getting myself worked up over 🙂

My Hip – OUCH!

I have been battling a wounded hip all year. I tore it in the Tour de Park City Race almost exactly one year ago. It has its good moments and it’s not-so-good moments but at this point it is doable! I feel like we make progress with it and then start to slip back a little, but all-in-all it is much better than it used to be so I’m not going to complain for one second (okay..maybe one…haha).

I have a good friend and AMAZING doctor, Dr. Shane Mangrum, helping me out and working toward keeping my hip in tip-top shape. He did some acupuncture on my hip, called needling, and we are planning on doing that a few more times before Leadville to make sure the muscle is released and ready to go.

Rain Gear

It seems to rain more often than not at Leadville, and I am the first to admit that I do NOT like to get all cold and wet when I ride. I’ll man up if I have to but if I don’t I am not ashamed to take preventative measures! 🙂 I reached out to the amazing Rebecca Rusch and asked for her recommendations on a rain coat and it appears it is going to be perfect. It’s a really lightweight Patagonia cycling jacket that stashes into a really small bag. It will be super easy to carry and will be WELL worth it if (WHEN!) it starts to rain. 🙂

BTW – I purchased that jacket from good friend Cindy Croft at Idaho Mountain Trading… if you want to learn more about it, feel free to give her a call!

Elden Nelson from Fat Cyclist!

Reaching out to mentors – GREAT IDEA!! I reached out to Elden from Fat Cyclist and he was kind enough to talk with me for awhile regarding Leadville.

He wrote a blog post on Leadville and shared that post with me, including some great tips, advice, and time splits from when he accomplished Leadville in under 9 hours on a singlespeed bike (actually won the singlespeed category that year)! GREAT STUFF! Actually, if you visit his blog and type in “Leadville” in the search bar, you’ll have tons of great reading material!

Testing New Fuel – AND More Great Leadville Info!

THEN I got on the phone with Darren Wilberg. He has created a product that is similar to CarboRocket and Herbalife only he says it is easier on the stomach and can be drank all day. I am looking forward to giving that a try and will for sure post what I find out!

Also, he gave me some REALLY great advice on carrying my water, when I should take two big bottles, two small bottles, and even one bottle based on where I am at during the race. BIG thanks for that info!

My plan: two tall bottles to Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes to Columbine will be two small bottles, back to Twin Lakes I will grab one short bottle to the base of Powerline…there I will grab one more small bottle.

I am going to take some S-Caps in my jersey and possibly some food, but not much.

Feed Station Plan

I am planning on having some Coke, gels, extra gear for inclement weather or bike malfunctions at the feed stations… trying to prepare for everything but know I will miss something!

Bike Tuned

I have also been thinking through my bike, making sure it is all tuned up and ready to go, and making sure I have extra tubes and anything and everything else I can think through and get ready to make sure I don’t DNF because of bike failure!

Last 100 Mile Ride Before I Taper!

Last Saturday I went on 100 mile bike ride with a small group. Had a great time but did get rained on and skipped a downhill for a ride to the bottom just to avoid the rain hitting my face (told ya’ I’ll avoid it if I don’t think it will hurt anything!)

My legs feel tired and worked out but not sore or painful. Now is recovery and tapering into Leadville!

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