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Hypoxico Tents

March 26, 2019

I got the Hypoxico tent so that I could do altitude training for the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race. The race is so high in elevation that they call it the "The Race Across the Sky." I didn't want to have to show up a week or so before the event to try to adjust to the altitude... I wanted to be ready to ROCK AND ROLL the instant my bike and I arrived.

SO - I got the tent, and thank heaven's my wife is an amazing supporter of mine because it does encase our entire bed. We have had a few laughs over how extreme I am... here is our list of cons for putting this tent around our bed.

  • The tent itself is COLD. You get out of bed in the middle of the night and touch the sides of the tent, which are plastic. It will definitely wake you right up!
  • It's loud to unzip. You will not continue to sleep if your spouse gets up for a potty break or a midnight snack! The loud ZIP will also wake you right up! 
  • It's stinky. Okay - it's not stinky on its own... it's only stinky if you or your spouse is stinky. The air doesn't have anywhere to go, so it's like being in a giant dutch oven!
  • It's hot. My wife especially LOVES to have the windows down during the summertime, and it really doesn't do much good to smell the fresh, outside air because none can get in.

Now for the PROs:

  • You'll be at altitude for your race, which means you can perform at your highest level without passing out from lack of air, or having your brain swell because you are on the verge of a stroke. So... there's that! 

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