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by: bartmiller
May 21, 2016

Get your Cycling Strong kit now before it’s too late!! You won’t regret it these are the best kits I have ever had. Thanks for supporting the channel and keep Cycling Strong!

  • Jay mcdaniel says:

    Your Videos are very helpful I have subscibed to your Youtubes for a long time just got done watching nutrition for 100 miles. I am doing a 160 mile ride, so would you just take more supplies for the ride or do anything different? Also the following week I plan on doing 100 miles rides every day for a week, so how would you plan ur nutrition for something like this?

    • bartmiller says:

      Thanks for subscribing! With 160 miles you just need more food and water then with the 100 miles. It’s important to have good off the bike nutrition along with on the bike so if you are riding 100 miles every day make sure you are eating plenty for all that work! Thanks for commenting and keep Cycling Strong!

  • Bart it has been a while sence I have been on, was wondering if you have done any new kits or are going to ? I have two different ones they are my most comfortable ones . The last one I received was the military themed one. Thanks. Mike

    • bartmiller says:

      Hey Mike! Thanks for checking in – looks like I am super slow! No – I didn’t create a new kit this year. I have been taking a year off the bike… but I am itching to get back on it. Hope you are doing well!!

  • hey Bart , are you back riding again yet . wondering if you are going to develop another kit. I get the most compliments on the two I have from you. is there going to be any more? or do you have any extras of the one you are holding in the video . large top and bottom. they are the best.

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