Plan7 Endurance Coaching Interview with Dave Harward

by: bartmiller
April 15, 2014

Plan7 Endurance Coaching Video Interview I have been following Dave Harward for awhile ( and have been really, really impressed with Dave and what he accomplishes with the athletes he trains. Actually, Dave himself was awarded the “2010 & 2012 Utah State Elite Criterium Champion, the 2004 Utah State Elite Road Race Champion, and has […]

The SpurCycle Ringer Bell (Better Bicycle Bell)

by: bartmiller
February 13, 2014

I first saw the Better Bicycle Bell on Kickstarter, and it did extremely well there! I love, love, love anything that is innovative and is dedicated to the cycling world and making it a better place. SpurCycle’s goal with creating the Ringer Bell was – and I quote – “to create a bell that is […]

normatec recovery boots

Cycling Recovery with Normatec Recovery Boots

by: bartmiller
February 10, 2014

When I first started cycling really hard I quickly learned that recovery was a NIGHTMARE! I wanted to train harder and more often so I could be more and more competitive, but my legs just couldn’t keep up with my desires. I was so frustrated! I hated that something I had no control over was […]

Power Meter by Pioneer

by: bartmiller
January 27, 2014

We all know that Power Meters are hot, hot, hot right now! When I attended Interbike and saw that Pioneer (yes, THAT Pioneer) had come out with a new Power Meter, I was hot after interviewing them! Check out the video to see what I found out! If you have any questions about power meters, […]

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