Race Anxiety?

by: bartmiller
July 18, 2016

Hey guys! I want to address race anxiety. What kind of race anxiety do you get and how does it affect you? Comment below and I will address these different concerns and some ways to help! Most importantly get out there and keep Cycling Strong!

How To Put On a Compression Sock

by: bartmiller
June 8, 2016

I know I did a similar video to this one but I wanted to make a better version on how to put on a compression sock! I know this has helped a lot of people and I hope it helps you! Keep out there Cycling Strong You can find the sock I used here: https://www.vitalsox.com/

Vitalsox Recovery

by: bartmiller
June 7, 2016

Hey guys! I wanted to show this super cool long sock I have that I think everyone should have! If you want to buy some vitalsox check them out here: https://www.vitalsox.com/ most importantly get out there Cycling Strong!

Sleep Recovery

by: bartmiller
June 4, 2016

Right now I am trying a bunch of different things to help get me recovered ASAP because that’s one of the most important aspects of cycling. I decided to try out one of these super cool pillows to see if it would make a difference! If you do something unique for your recovery comment below […]

How To Recover After Cycling

by: bartmiller
June 2, 2016

Hey guys! I don’t see a lot of videos on this and it’s one of the most important things as a cyclist to understand, how to recover! Here are some different things that I do and if you have something cool to share that you do comment below. Most importantly keep Cycling Strong!

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