Gear Reviews

by: bartmiller
July 17, 2013

If you are just getting into cycling…

you probably don’t have a clue regarding to the mountain of gear silently awaiting to sneak into your wallet and maliciously attack your crinkled green dollars.

If you’ve been in cycling for awhile, chances are you’ve been attacked numerous times and have either ended up loving every hard earned dollar you spent on that particular gadget OR you ended up feeling like your money was utterly wasted on something of absolutely no value and just wanted to throw your hands up, pull your hair out, or sit down and sob (or hide out in the basement until your spouse cooled off a little).

Dum, dum, dum! That’s where I come in.

Yes, I am an addicted spender of cycling goods.

I might as well just get that out in the open in case there is even the smallest bit of doubt floating around out there in the universe. If I think it has ANY promise whatsoever of helping me ride… I bite. I would be an absolutely lousy fish trying to stay alive.

Anyway – I am going to be reviewing everything I love, everything I don’t love so much, and what I do and/or don’t like about them. Hopefully this will help you decide if you want to part ways with those lovely greens or if, perhaps, they are better spent elsewhere for the time being (think: anniversary present).

Enjoy! And feel free to leave some comments on gear you have used and what your thoughts are!



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