Recovery With NormaTec Recovery

by: bartmiller
September 12, 2013

If you have been cycling enough to the point that you are somewhat competitive and want to train hard, you KNOW how important recovery is! There is nothing worse than sacrificing diet, time, and energy to train hard… only to discover your legs aren’t keeping up with your desire to ride!

While training for the Leadville 100 MTB I quickly discovered that my recovering was lacking. I tried recovery drinks, stretching, and anything and everything else I could get my hands on to not only keep me on the bike, but to help me perform the way I wanted to. Then I discovered NormaTec Recovery Systems. I LOVE this product! I would definitely recommend it. Find out why by watching 🙂



Update: I have been using Normatec for about a year now, and I still can’t say enough good about it! It makes such a huge difference in riding and recovery that I can honestly say if you can afford them… get them! Well worth it! You can check them out here: NormaTec Recovery Systems. And… BTW – I do not get paid any kind of a commission for sharing. Just want to pass along what helps me the most!

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