How To Stay Cool During a Bike Race

by: bartmiller
July 21, 2016

Hey guys here is a really cool way I stay cool during my big bike races. It is very effective and can really make a difference out in the hot sun. Hope this video helps you and make sure you get out there and keep Cycling Strong!

  • Hey Bart just wanted to say thanks.i was going to do a century here in Oregon just this last satruarday and then ride home after the event , because I am preping for a 200 mile ridein one day. The weather turned hot and it was supposed to be nearly 100 degrees. I watched you video on how to stay cool and used it, I have to say it saved me big time . I ended up doing 134 miles and it was 99 degrees . If I had not used your suggestion I know I would not have been able to do it , I am going to carry knee highs with me from now on , man did it keep me cool , thanks. Mike

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