Rules of the Road: Keeping Safe on Your Bike!

by: bartmiller
June 24, 2014

Believe it or not, cycling can be just as safe as driving. In fact, some studies say cycling IS the safest transportation for young adults! That being said, there are certain rules of the road you and everyone around you has to follow in order to avoid accidents. Let’s go over some of the rules of the road so we can avoid getting hurt!

  • Bike on the road the same direction traffic is moving. If you are 12 and under, you can ride on the sidewalk. But bikes are still considered moving vehicles even though they don’t have a motor.
  • Just like you would in a car, stop at stoplights and stop signs and obey all other traffic signs.
  • Used marked bike lanes when they are available. That’s what they are there for!!
  • Be super safe when biking with kids. Children must sit in a correctly attached child carrier and all children must wear a helmet at all times!
  • In many states and biking areas, biking on highways, freeways, thruways, expressways, interstate routes and things like that is illegal. So don’t do it!!
  • Every state has their own rules on safety gear, but most states require: a helmet, bell or horn, a white headlight and red taillight for riding in the dark, brakes that work, reflectors on front and back of bike.


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